Learning On-Demand

Learn at any level or pace: from short intro-courses to deep-dive specialist training

LEAN Pedagogy

Courses developed by expert practitioners & professors for fast & effective learning

Career Alignment

Learn in-demand job skills via self-paced or instructor-led classes

Peak your career. Be the best at what you do.

Become an Entrepreneur

Total hours: 400

Become a Business Consultant

Total hours: 400

Become a Business Loan Broker

Total hours: 400

Become a Star Employee 

Total hours: 400

7,854 Students

for 19 years have learn how to start and grown thier businsses, and learn new skills to get great jobs

Learn what you want

Courses are designed to teach students all that is relevant to learn about that specific course, without padded irrelevant curriculum

Learn in comfort

Forget about attending classes for hours and suffering from back pain by the end of the day

Quality at low cost

Courses provided are similar to university based courses but are offered at significantly lower costs


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